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News Center / News / Mrs. Dean to college students on the occasion of the new academic year 2013 - 2014

Mrs. Dean to college students on the occasion of the new academic year 2013 - 2014
2013-09-15 12:09:12

In the name of God the Merciful

My sons and daughters of students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / University of Mosul respected

In the name of God meditates tongue and the name of God Almighty batters heavens ... Praise be to God , who taught by the pen unless it teaches anthropology .. And prayers and peace be upon Mr. Alkonnen and two races , his family and his companions and walked on his approach to the Day of Judgment.

Dear sons .. Peace be upon you all and God 's mercy and blessings .. After

First of all I extend to you my warmest congratulations and blessings on the occasion of the start of the new academic Emczuarkm 2013 - 2014 liquid Almighty God to make Aamkm this a good omen and harmony, and Habitat for science and Rashad .. Hello and welcome to your second home , Doha and kindergarten science knowledge and field competition and qualified veterinarians factory and I mean كليتكم the metropolitan welcome , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine / University of Mosul.

My sons and daughters of students ..

You are the future of Iraq and hope , and all Mangdmh you is right for you we , Vhakqgua hopes, and acknowledged appointed Ohalikm , and trust that your professors are all keen to Mainfkm , and see for your future, and do good for yourselves , there is no way to success is to learn and study, and trust that the halls and laboratories study generate knowledge, and promote talent, and outlines the future , Fetibroa the lesson and study , and Fajroa yourself among your peers , and your families , and your community , you will be with the help of God the pride of Otunkm بعلمكم .. You are our future ..

O sons of goodness .. this college governance is also your home .. Appearance indicates if people .. Vtmizha of Tmizakm .. And superiority over you .. And clean Nzaftkm .. , are also at your disposal Secretariat .. Walls and furniture and gardens , and all Mavera .. Put your hands to Tantvawa out ..

My sons Dear Students ... And also advise you of the need to comply with the instructions and university governing the conduct of the teaching process and adherence to , and specifically of the need to persevere always wear uniforms

And carry Alpag allocated for each year of study and all that confirms your identity and انتمائكم the best premium segment of society only a slice " of university students " ..

Finally .. I am confident that you are as much historical responsibility entrusted to you in spite of the difficult conditions experienced by our dear country .. and you Stopon Covenant to achieve success only to change my success .. And sincerity of the poet when he said:

You know it is not one generates a scientist and brother is not aware of someone who is ignorant
And great people to know he has a small if it turned legions
And that a small elite that was a great scientist if received mechanism forums

Every year, you is fine .... Peace be upon you and God 's mercy and blessings ..




Professor Dr
entssar Rahim Kanani
Dean / Agency

writer: ادارة الموقع
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